März 18, 2017

Today a birthday - Yann Luka

This  boy is eighteen today - 
Far from us, his grandparents - 
but thanks to facetime we could
talk to him and congratulate him.

März 05, 2017

After six months of travel in Europe and South-America

son Leon came to meet the rest of the family on the sailing boat
on the Bahamas - it was a great surprise and the joy can be
seen on their faces. It was arranged by the head of the family.

The family with a friend.

März 04, 2017

At work in the new bathroom

I don't want to forget this scary sight

Not very careful - but it was ok in the end

I must remember this:

Table too small

Januar 04, 2017

Family birthday gathering in August 2016 in the farmhouse

So sorry that DDL is not with us - she had to go to school already

We are happy

It is the cake and the candles, 80 candles - DH made the cake and the candle stand
himself - (believe me - I know also to bake....)

blowing out the cancles

And now the songs

It is our daughter who knows to play the guitar and we love the old songs
and sing together

Just sitting and watching how the youth is playing badminton

Summerphoto of an up-to-date family

We sent it to our friends for Christmas 2016
Unfortunately without DDL (schoolteacher in Switzerland)

März 26, 2016

Coffee and chat

Friends - me on the right.